We are a young company, with many shared interests and a common hobby: cars. On many occasions we have seen and suffered damage caused when parking our vehicles, especially in large cities. It is not rare to see the license plates of cars damaged, bent, cracked, etc. … because of this.

In the vast majority of cars, the front license plate is the first part on the front of the vehicle and therefore the first impact zone when parking.

That’s why, after testing different designs and materials, we have found and patented a perfect solution not only for the front license plate, but also for the entire front bumper.

With the BUMPERBEAR front protector frame, we can absorb those small parking impacts. Thanks to our process of testing and research, we have been able to obtain a light, soft, flexible and highly resistant material, so that it allows possible deformation due to the pressure caused by a vehicle, later returning to its original state.

In the same way, we wanted to give the product a modern and elegant design, with a rectangular shape and rounded edges, which allows it to fit perfectly with vehicles of all ranges and formats.

BUMPERBEAR is the culmination in shape and design of a protection solution for our vehicles, which we hope will please and satisfy the needs of our customers in the same way as the effort and illusion we have instilled in its development.



The SLIM version of our BumperBear protector frame is completely flat at the rear, making it ideal for vehicles with the front license plate completely above the front bumper or vehicles where the license plate is located on a flat plate holder. The MAX version of the BumperBear front protector frame has an extra thickness of 10mm at the rear of the product, specially designed for vehicles that have the front license plate inserted a few millimeters into the bumper or bounded at the ends by some kind of protrusion. With the 10mm added thickness, the MAX model is perfectly fitted into the cabin where the license plate was originally located.

Of course! We have studied the automobile market in order to design these two models and to adapt them to all vehicles with standard 52cm x 11cm license plates on the front: high-end vehicles, urban, compact, family, sedan, saloon, sports car, minivan and even commercial vehicles.

No. The BumperBear frame is not designed to be placed on the rear license plate. The rear license plate is usually located on the trunk door, so it’s not subject to damage when parking.

Not really. With the right tools you should take no more than 4-5 minutes to install it yourself. Depending on whether it has screws or rivets you will need one tool or the other.

You can see a tutorial in our Installation menu.

The BumperBear license plate protector frames have been specially designed for this purpose. After months of studying the material in use, we have developed the necessary components to resist the typical impacts produced in parking lots. It resists and absorbs the impact to return to its original state after the pressure exerted by the vehicle.

It is designed to protect only when parking. It will not protect in the event of a collision or accident.

You can see the videos of impact examples in our Gallery section.


You can buy BumperBear products by credit card or through PayPal.

You will receive the BumperBear protector frame perfectly packaged in a box, where you will find the product or products purchased, along with a commercial brochure as a license plate and a bag containing the screws, rivets and plugs for installation.

The delivery time for products in Spain (Mainland) and Portugal will be 2-3 days in normal conditions and 5-7 for out-of-stock products. The term will be calculated on working days (from Monday to Friday not holidays).

For shippings to France, Italy and Germany, the delivery times may be increased by up to 2-3 days.

Of course! If the customers consider that the product is not what they expected, they will be refunded the amount of the product minus the shipping costs. To do so, the client must contact us by email at pedidos@bumperbear.com within 14 days of receiving the package, The product should be sent under the conditions detailed in the Terms & Conditions in order to accept the return and send it postage paid to Sepey Car Protectors S.L. at an address that will be notified via email.

Please follow the indications established in the Terms & Conditions to know the state in which you must make the return of the product.



You can contact our customer service at info@bumperbear.com.

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